• Image of Listening Indicators 2012 Original Screenprint

Listening Indicators is one in a series of Paper Helmets I have made over the 10 years that speak to the ways we function in our relationships and daily life. These conceptual art prints have been widely shown from New York to Detroit to Prague. Please visit www.paperhelmets.com to see more views and other work.

These earnest ear devices come as a flat fine art print and are able to be cut out and folded up as needed by the print recipient.

The print is printed on front in 5 colors and on the back in one solid color, which becomes the inside of the Listening Devices if you so choose to construct them.

Only 12 Original Artist Proofs left in the 1st hand pulled edition of 50.
You will receive it signed 'AP' on the back and in a non bendable package.

Listening Indicators
Double Sided Screenprint
11.5x17.5 inches flat

Originally $175.00
Here for you only $120.00